Apprenticeship Electrical Engineering

Purpose of the Position

To teach and train Electrical Engineering subjects and disciplines within the prescribed course of study at BP to
apprenticeship diploma level students in line with the vision and mission of Bahrain Polytechnic. candidates must
have in‐depth knowledge of the specialized trade technical details. They should be able to demonstrate practical
experience in the specialized area for example ability to diagnose, repair or assemble things related to the trade or
occupation. Also familiar with assessment methods and maintain the standards of the college.

Major Duties & Responsibilities


  • Develop and deliver the training programs in Electrical systems and subsystems, including Electronics, Controls and Automation, Installation techniques, and repair.
  • Design and produce teaching materials and participate in on-going curriculum development in collaboration with
    team members
  • Set and mark student assessments (assignments, test papers, internal examination papers)
  • Develop theoretical and practical learning situations appropriate to curriculum documentation
  • Provide technical assistance to technicians and other Electrical professionals on diagnosing and repairing Electrical systems.
  • Adapt and develop resources appropriate to the programmes
  • Ensure that all assessments meet the quality assurance requirements set out in Faculty policies and guidelines
    and that assessment methodology is clearly communicated to students
  • Implement student evaluation of programmes
  • Undertake structured weekly mentoring with assigned students
  • Develop recommendations for programme review based on experience and expertise
  • Actively support and contribute to the objectives, direction and operation of the faculty and the Polytechnic
  • Administration
  • Ensure student and personal records are completed accurately and forwarded to Administration.
  • Ensure all relevant policies, practices and procedures of the Polytechnic and Faculty are followed.
  • Contribute to the Faculty by undertaking administrative tasks or responsibilities as required. This may include but
  • is not limited to one or more of the following:
  • Monitor student attendance
  • Assist with testing and placement of new students
  • Assist with the development and reviews of end term tests
  • Assisting with the development, implementation (including moderation and invigilation) and reviews of
  • Visiting students on work placement and supervising student projects on site and/or in industry settings
  • Recording industry visits/outcomes
  • Reporting on Employability Skills 

Relations with Staff and Students

  • Provide learning support for students, specific to courses and modules being taught
  • Maintain professional relationships with students to help meet individual learning needs
  • Maintain professional relationships with staff to maintain excellence and to further overall objectives of the Faculty and Polytechnic
On‐going Professional Development (Full time trainers only)
  • Stay up to date with new Electrical services related systems.
  • Use feedback on performance from students, peers and HOF to identify own educational needs and find
    opportunities to meet these
  • Seek opportunities to maintain professional credibility and competence
  • Negotiate professional development needs with the HoF

Contribution to the Bahrain Polytechnic (Full‐time trainers)

  • Seek ways to assist the polytechnic in achieving its vision, mission, values, strategic goals and operational requirements
  • Willingness to undertake a liaison role with industry, community and other tertiary institutions
  • Willingness to undertake research in conjunction with teaching commitments
  • Compliance with legislation and policy adopted by the polytechnic in order to meet legislative requirements.
  • Participate in committees/working groups, as required
  • Contribute and participate in projects from time to time
  • Perform other duties related to an academic staff member’s role, as may be reasonably required

Qualifications Required

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in the related field. (Electrical Engineering)
  • At least 5 years of experience working in a related field.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Strong knowledge the specialized trade or occupation
  • Ability to demonstrate practical experience in related area
  • Have Experience in developing and delivering training programs and materials
  • Ability to work independently and in a multicultural team environment
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

Reports to

Programme Manager